SkaMik Wellfighter delousing system - Moen Marin


SkaMik Wellfighter delousing system

Wellfighter is an affordable, compact, space-saving and scalable high-capacity delousing unit. The system is ideal for use on board well-boats to reduce holding time in freshwater treatment.

The size and compactness of Wellfighter allows for many possibilities where other systems currently require more space. Wellfighter is a scalable system, with 50t/h capacity per unit. Wellfighter is ideal for use on board well-boats to reduce holding time and streamline the process of freshwater treatment. Wellfighter is primarily based on the highly successful SkaMik 1.5 design – well-proven mechanical delousing technology renowned for gentle treatment and the market’s best delousing effect (95% in 2018 and 2019 to date). In choosing a design solution, we have prioritized easy access to critical operational components:


• Compact unit takes up little deck space
• Scalable system for desired capacity
• Retractable cartridges with raising and lowering function for easy cleaning and service access
• Integrated lifting points for easy handling on deck and off-season storage
• Rear inspection hatch for access to grind

Key Features

• Reduces waiting time during freshwater treatment on the well-boat
• High delousing efficiency and good fish welfare
• Gentle treatment