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SkaMik Wellfighter delousing system

The SkaMik Wellfighter is an affordable, compact and scalable delousing systen that focuses on fish welfare and effectiveness. The system is designed for use on board wellboats in combination with freshwater treatment, and has been in operation since the summer of 2020 with very good results.

The size and compactness of Wellfighter allows for many possibilities where other systems currently require more space. Wellfighter is a module based and scalable system, with 50t/h capacity per unit.

Wellfighter is designed use on board wellboats to reduce freshwater holding time and to make better use of existing resources. Holding time in fresh water with the Wellfighter is on average 2 hours, before the fish is unloaded and deloused with low pressure flushing trough the Wellfighter. The Wellfighter system is installed and in full operation on five new sate of the art wellboats operating in Norway.

Key Features
  • Reduces the holding time in freshwater considerably, average holding time 2 hours
  • Focus on fishwelfare – proven gentle
  • High delousing efficiency 95-100%
  • Gentle fish handling, distribution and enough space for the fish
  • Documented and proven system
  • High capacity, scalable systen
  • Delouse while onloading wellboat after AGD treatment

The SkaMik Wellfighter is designed with priority on fish welfare, easy access to operationally critical components, easy maintenance and cleaning

“The feedback from our fishfarmer clients has been very good. They report a high delousing effect and good fish welfare. The fish are immediately put on feed after treatment.”

Gudbrand Sørheim, Managing Director Oppdretternes Miljøservice AS
SkaMik Wellfighter – Setup on this vessel have an treatment capacity of 300 t/h.

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