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SkaMik 1.5

Based on experience and tangible results from operational installations – with more than one million tons of salmon deloused, we have carried out a number of projects to develop tomorrow’s solution for non-medicinal and chemical-free salmon delousing.

The results speak for themselves. Through fullscale trials and regular operations, it has been documented that SkaMik 1.5 removes virtually all salmon lice – regardless of the lice stage!

SkaMik 1.5 is designed to meet aquaculture’s stringent requirements for fish welfare, low mortality, efficiency and profitability during delousing operations.

SkaMik 1.5 does not use or emit chemicals, has a 100% collection and destruction rate for lice, reduced infection pressure and reduced spread of resistant lice populations.

SkaMik1.5 contributes to optimal treatment and good fish welfare

• Good results and good fish welfare
• Adapted for all sizes of fish
• Approximately 100% efficient collection of salmon lice
• Large capacity: Up to 100 tons per hour per SkaMik 1.5
• Several units can be connected in parallel to further increase capacity
• 100 percent medicine and chemical free – zero resistance!
• Minimal growth loss, short starvation period and the fish commence feeding immediately after delousing
• Point delousing, which means you can maintain production while processing single cages at the site.

“For us, Skamik is part of the solution in our treatment strategy against Lice. In well-planned operational processes, it ensures not only good effect, but also good fish welfare “

Bjørn Gillund, Veterinær og kvalitetssjef i SinkabergHansen AS

“With SkaMik 1.5, usage is simplified and the delousing effect is significantly improved. Good fish welfare and low mortality”

Svein Andorsen, Ellingsen Seafood AS