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Mekon RV-2 PE- service raft

Mekon RV-2 PE Service raft – for washing and disinfecting all cage models up to Ø 560. The raft is made of solid PE plastic for high durability, easier washing, maintenance and adaptations according to customer needs. The hull design enables towing behind service vessels over longer distances and eliminates the need to have the washer on deck during transit.

The RV-2 PE fleet has a larger room for service work and inspection of the flotation collar after washing. With the option of hydraulic lifting of the bottom ring, even better working conditions are achieved for any service work on the floating collar.

Main dimensions:

• Length of cock’s foot deflector: 7.50 m

• Length of raft: 6.32 m

• Width of raft: 5.00 m

• Height: 2.82 m

• Buoyancy: 15,800 kg

• Weight: 8,200 kg

The washer requires a high-pressure pump with a recommended capacity of 818 l/min – 200 bar.


• Hydraulic lifting of bottom ring

• Own flushing unit integrated in the fleet with hand wash

• Low-pressure system for disinfection of float collars. The facility is also used as flushing rig for cleaning the raft after use