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Washing and disinfection

Mekon RV-1 Cage ring washer

Mekon RV-1 Cage ring washer – Effective washing float for pressure washing all cage models from Ø 315 to Ø 500 without base ring, and has its own nozzles for disinfection after washing as standard.

The float runs under the collar feet and lies low in the water to avoid unnecessary lifting of the floatation collar. The washer connects to the service boat’s existing hydraulics and is operated by radio control. Customer feedback indicates that washing time will be approximately 30-40 minutes when cleaning a 120 m Ø 400 flotation collar under optimal conditions.

Mekon RV-1
RV-1 main dimensions
Length5,5 m
Width4,4 m
Buoyancy9 000 kg
Weight2 700 kg
Lifting rings1 300 kg – angle tolerance +/- 45°
Lifting rings7 800 kg – angle tolerance +/- 45°

The washer requires a good high-pressure pump with a minimum capacity of 500 l/min and working pressure of 230-250 bar. In addition, it can be supplied with external 220V or 400V HPU, supplied in a 400 l stainless steel tank with hour counter mounted.

Effective cleaning of flotation collars without a base ring!

• Efficient pressure washing of all cage models from Ø 315 to Ø 500
• Self-supporting floating construction
• Safe passage of collar feet
• Release crane on service vessel during operation
• Operator-friendly control of unit with radio-controlled hydraulic propulsion
• Durable and hygienic construction

“We have both the RV-1 and RV-2 for washing and disinfecting our locations. They are time-saving, cost-effective and the cage rings are spotlessly clean!”

Jan Arild Kiil, Lerøy Aurora AS