Disinfection - Moen Marin



The cage ring washer can be supplied with a booster pump
and injectors as the RV-1 and RV2 are supplied with separate
nozzles for disinfection. The equipment is approved for
chemical use and provides a correct dosage in accordance
with regulations.

The booster pump is installed in the engine room or other
suitable place and supplies water to the injector station; the
booster pump is not self-priming and must be supplied by
the boat’s flushing pump or fire pump. The capacity of this
must be 180 l/min and 1.5 bar pressure. The system can also
be used for cleaning and disinfecting service boats and other
equipment. A separate flushing lance for use on a boat is
included as standard.

The cage ring washer comes with own instructions for the
cleaning and disinfection of flotation collars and service boats.
For disinfection we recommend Addi Aqua from Lilleborg,

Service agreement for Mekon Cage Ring Washers

Regular service and preventive maintenance help prevent
downtime and maintain product performance and usable life.
Mekon can offer a service agreement tailored to customer
needs for all our cage ring washers.

Preventive maintenance

• Annual check
• Discount on hourly rates for service technician
• 24-hour phone support
• Response time for spare parts
• Training of personnel
• Technical inspection with condition reporting

In addition, we can provide training for the equipment and
expertise to show how our products can help optimise operations
for you as a customer.