NabWork 2411 HYB - Moen Marin

Single hulls

NabWork 2411 HYB

A single-hull multifunctional service vessel built in steel. The boat is designed for use in various aquaculture operations, and it is designed for heavier operations. NabWork 2411 has great traction and good positioning ability. The equipment consists of proven high quality products. The boat is equipped with propulsion machinery from Catepillar, swivel gear and propeller system from Finnøy, Palfinger cranes of 150tm and 90tm, 60T and 15T towing winch and shark jaw/ tow stick module. There is high comfort on board with a large booth solution and 6 bright light one-man cabins. You will experience practical solutions and consistently good technical quality.

The standard NabWork 2411 HYB is delivered as a plug-in-hybrid, but can be delivered with pure electric propulsion machinery or conventional propulsion machinery on request.

ConstructionSingle hull
DesignMarin Design
Main Dimensions
Length o.a.23,98 m
Breadth o.a.11,20 m
Depth moulded4,50 m
Fuel40 m³
Water23 m³
Ballast tanks129 m³
Load capacity deckapprox. 120 t
Gross deck area behind wheelhouseapprox. 140 m2
Speed no payloadapprox. 11 knots w/25% filling with 100% MCR
Trade area5
Cargo space50 m³
Septicapprox. 6 m³
Cabin capacity
6 x one-man cabins
Propulsion machinery*
Engine2 x Danfoss Editron PM
Performance750 kW (1000 hp) at 1600-1800 o/min
Energy storage system1128 kWh
*Can be ordered with diesel mechanical propulsion
Caterpillar C32, 780 ekW. 400V/50Hz
Caterpillar C18, 460 ekW. 400V/50Hz
Electro-hydraulic HPU 3 × 63 kW with 1500 l. Tank
Gear and propeller systems
Helseth 4H200, four-bladed propeller w/propeller nozzle.
Bow thrusters
2 x 350 hp
Navigation and communication
Furuno radar IMO cat 3
Olex chart plotter
Telchart dual ecdis chart system
Furuno digital echo sounder
Sailor Radio VHF
Furuno navigational watch system
Phototeck internal communication
Broadband GSM2X4G
Navy KVM Multiview Matrix
mLINK monitor
Deck crane BB Palfinger PK150002 MH
Reach: 21,5 m, with 6,5 t mounted winch
Rotation: Continuous
Deck crane SBPalfinger PK150022 MH
Reach: 21,5 m, with 6,5 t mounted winch
Both cranes are delivered w/ SHM remote control
Work/ Towing and anchor handling winch
One double work/ towing and Anchor handling winch, 60 t, built together
with a 15 t winch.
2 x 8 t
2 x 3 t
All included foot pedals and emergency stops

Chain lock and towing pins

SHM deck module (80t/25t), hinged with hydraulic open / close function
Stern roller 800 mm
Hydraulic loading hatch
Hydraulic high-pressure washer
2 x cameras on working deck
1 x camera in engine room
2 x cameras on ship side
1 x underwater camera/ propeller camera
Prepared for fibre rope lock and lock plate holder
Prepared for ROV and diving equipment, with ROV hangar, as well as
ROV and diving console in the wheelhouse