Moen Marin is the market leader in workboats for the aquaculture industry. We also strive to excel in service and aftermarket, supporting customers after the vessel has been delivered.

Inside Moen Marin’s service and support center in Trondheim, service engineer Emil Meland opens an interactive world map on his screen. The Norwegian coast is covered with green dots. Dots are also scattered along the coasts of North America, the UK, and Iceland.

— This map shows the current locations of vessels delivered by Moen Marin to our customers. If I click on a dot, I can see all the data from the sensors on board. Green indicates everything is okay, explains Emil Meland.

If the dot turns purple, it means the boat owner or the vessel’s sensors has reported an issue that needs follow-up.

Easier for the Customer

With mLINK, Moen Marin’s digital platform for operational, maintenance, and safety management, engineers in aftermarket can capture data from vessels. This data enables optimizing fuel consumption and maintenance, detecting problems before they arise, ordering parts, and addressing faults.

Boat owners use mLINK to access necessary documentation, order parts, and receive guidance.

— mLINK systematizes and streamlines customer follow-up. All communication between us is stored in mLINK, making it easier for boat users to order parts and get advice from us, no matter where they are in the world, says Eivind Furu Høydal, Head of Service & Support at Moen Marin.

Boat owners and users can submit photos and videos via mLINK, and all communication with Moen Marin’s support center goes through this application. This reduces the need for back-and-forth emails and streamlines communication.

Read more about mLINK here.

Speed and Learning

It is still possible to call the aftermarket team, and it will continue to be so, but Moen Marin is convinced that digital customer support via mLINK is more efficient than a phone call. This way, they can handle multiple cases simultaneously, and solutions can be found even more quickly. Speed is a top priority, as any downtime can be costly for customers.

— We recently had a case where a problem was reported at 6:26 in the morning. By 9:30, we were at Værnes Airport, ready to send the right spare part to Spain, where the vessel was docked, says Emil Meland.

Another important task for the Service & Support department is to enhance Moen Marin’s products.

— Systematic handling of feedback from users contributes to learning in our project department and ensures continuous improvement of our boats, says Eivind Furu Høydal.

Proactive User Support

Moen Marin’s customer promise is to develop the maritime solutions of tomorrow. The aquaculture fleet is undergoing electrification, and vessels are equipped with more advanced technology and software. This means that Moen Marin’s Service & Support department can increasingly solve problems in the same way as in the IT industry; through remote support.

Sensors, data, and the mLINK Cloud platform strengthen and enhance customer support. Moen Marin uses advanced software to analyze data from vessels.

— The goal is to offer proactive services instead of reactive ones. The data tells us the equipment’s condition so that we can address issues before they occur, explains Emil Meland.

Another benefit for customers is proactive advice. With data from vessels, Moen Marin’s support team can, among other things, advise customers on how to reduce fuel costs.