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eContainer Powerbank

Take the power with you!

Moen Marin eContainer is a versatile and portable powerbank designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. With Moen Marin eContainer, you have the freedom to charge your devices anywhere and anytime you desire.

The future of the aquaculture industry lies in harnessing more electric power from renewable energy sources. As consumers increasingly demand climate-neutral food and sustainable production practices, Moen Marin eContainer plays a crucial role in meeting these expectations.

By utilizing Moen Marin eContainer as a mobile powerbank, the limitations imposed by the local power grid become a thing of the past. You can conveniently charge the powerbank during off-peak hours or when electricity rates are lowest. This allows you to supply energy to vessels, barges, and equipment, enabling longer and more sustainable production periods.

Here are some key features of Moen Marin eContainer:

  • It serves as a mobile powerbank and charging station for vessels, barges, and equipment.
  • It comes in a standard 10-foot container, making it easy to transport by boat or truck.
  • Its design is specifically tailored for the maritime environment, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • It has an impressive energy storage capacity of 810 kWh.

Additionally, Moen Marin eContainer can be permanently connected to shore power on the quay or feeding barge. This allows for “peak shaving,” where the powerbank can be used to supplement or replace grid power during peak demand periods or when electricity prices are high.

By disconnecting from the grid during the day or costly electricity periods, you can maximize the use of energy stored in the Moen Marin eContainer, further optimizing efficiency and sustainability in aquaculture operations.

The Moen Marin eCont charging station is packed for the maritime environment, and is delivered in a standard 10-foot container, so that it can be easily transported by boat or truck where you need it. The charging capacity of Moen Marin eCont is scalable from 200 kWh to 1 mWh.

Moen Marin eCont can be permanently connected to shore power on the quay or feed raft so that the power bank can be used for so-called “peak shaving”: During the day, when electricity is most expensive, you can disconnect the mains, and rather use the cheap electric power that was added Moen Marin eCont at night.

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