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eContainer Powerbank

Take the power with you!

Moen Marin eContainer is a versatile and portable powerbank designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. With Moen Marin eContainer, you have the freedom to charge your devices anywhere and anytime you desire. Using this powerful charging station, you can charge vessels, barges/rafts and equipment, independently from the local power network.

In the fish farming industry today, the need to utilize electric energy from renewable sources is increasing. This is to meet the demands of the consumer, of climate neutral food and sustainable production. With the eContainer, you overcome the limitations of power access. This mobile charging station functions as a powerbank, and charges when the electricity rates are lowest. This way you can fast charge vessels, barges/rafts and equipment
, and ensure sustainable operations.

Here are some key features of Moen Marin eContainer:

  • It serves as a mobile powerbank and charging station for vessels, barges, and equipment.
  • It comes in a standard 10-foot container, making it easy to transport by boat or truck.
  • Its design is specifically tailored for the maritime environment, ensuring durability and reliability.
  • It has an impressive energy storage capacity of 810 kWh.
  • Can be delivered with CCS2 fast charging – for even faster charging

The Moen Marin eContainer is designed to withstand the maritime environment, and is delivered in a standard 10-foot container. The size makes it convenient to transport to wherever necessary. The container can be connected to shore power on the quay or feed raft for continuous charging, and to be used for “peak shaving”. This means you can disconnect from the mains during the day, when the electricity is most expensive, and rather use the cheap electric power stored in the eContainer.

With Moen Marin eContainer, you can take charge of your power access, and fuel your vessels and equipment in a more sustainable way. Be prepared for the future demands of climate friendly solutions, and choose eContainer – to take the power with you wherever you are.

The eContainer and sustainability

The demand for sustainable solutions is continually increasing. Increasing the utilizing of electric power from renewable energy sources is the future of the industry. The consumers are expecting more climate friendly food production and increasingly sustainable practices. There will also be further regulatory requirements.

Sjømat Norges goal is that the entire aquaculture industry is to go fully electric by 2030. This would potentially reduce the industry’s annual CO2 emissions by 300 000 tons – the equivalent of 180 000 cars. Work boats with fully electric or hybrid electric propulsion are increasingly common in the industry, although a large portion of the fleet is still running on diesel alone. With power from the eContainer, you can reduce your diesel consumption and adjust the charging to your needs.

The eContainer is manufactured by ZEM AS, a Norwegian technology company based in Høvik.

ZEM specializes in building robust battery and driveline solutions, by integrating cutting-edge components from leading vendors in the market.

ZEM has cooperated closely with DNVs battery experts for years, and has their head office with DNV in Høvik. ZEM has contributed to DNVs battery rules, guidelines for installing marine battery systems and introduction courses on the utilizing of batteries on board. Additionally, ZEM is a consulting partner for DNV and the norwegian government on the safety of battery installments.

Moen Marin also offers a battery solution for retrofitting, also manufactured by ZEM; the eBox. easily turning your diesel powered vessel into an electric hybrid.