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eCont Powerbank

Take the power with you!

Moen Marin eCont is a mobile and flexible powerbank for the aquaculture industry. With Moen Marin eCont you can charge wherever you want and whenever you want.

More use of electric power, from renewable energy sources – this is the future for us in the aquaculture industry. Consumers expect more climate-neutral food and even more sustainable production.

With Moen Marin eCont mobile charging stations, the local power grid is no longer a bottleneck. Moen Marin eCont is a powerbank that you can fill up at night when electricity is cheapest. This allows you to quickly charge vessels, rafts and equipment during the day, and produce electricity even longer, even more sustainably.

  • Mobile powerbank and charging station for vessels, fleets and equipment
  • Delivered in standard 10 foot container
  • Can be transported by boat and truck
  • Packed for the maritime environment
  • Charging capacity from 200 kWh to 1 mWh

The Moen Marin eCont charging station is packed for the maritime environment, and is delivered in a standard 10-foot container, so that it can be easily transported by boat or truck where you need it. The charging capacity of Moen Marin eCont is scalable from 200 kWh to 1 mWh.

Moen Marin eCont can be permanently connected to shore power on the quay or feed raft so that the power bank can be used for so-called “peak shaving”: During the day, when electricity is most expensive, you can disconnect the mains, and rather use the cheap electric power that was added Moen Marin eCont at night.

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