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eBox: Retrofit Battery Solution

Cut engine idling, fuel costs and CO2 emissions! With the eBox battery solution, you can easily turn all your diesel powered work boats into electric hybrids.

While electric and hybrid electric propulsion systems are making their way into the aquaculture industry, a significant portion of the fleet still relies on diesel. By utilizing the eBox battery solution, idling during on-site work can be minimized.

The eBox, which is DNV type approved and suitable for outdoor deck placement, offers a compact and space-efficient design. It comes in two versions:
  • 90 kWh – Dimensions: 0.80m x 0.96m x 2.35m (LxWxH), Weight: 1200 kg
  • 180 kWh – Dimensions: 1.10m x 0.97m x 2.35m (LxWxH), Weight: 1800 kg

The system is scalable, allowing multiple eBox’s to be installed onboard if additional energy capacity is required.

By replacing engine idling with electricity, the most common type of diesel powered workboat can reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons annually.

Moreover, using the eBox provides several benefits, including an improved working environment for the crew, significant reductions in exhaust, noise, and vibrations, and reduced diesel consumption. For example, electrifying on-site work can lead to a 20,000-30,000 liter reduction in diesel consumption per year for the most common workboat type.

eBox and sustainability

The demand for sustainable solutions is continually increasing. Increasing the utilizing of electric power from renewable energy sources is the future of the industry. The consumers are expecting more climate friendly food production and increasingly sustainable practices. There will also be further regulatory requirements.

Sjømat Norges goal is that the entire aquaculture industry is to go fully electric by 2030. This would potentially reduce the industry’s annual CO2 emissions by 300 000 tons – the equivalent of 180 000 cars. Work boats with fully electric or hybrid electric propulsion are increasingly common in the industry, although a large portion of the fleet is still running on diesel alone. With power from the eBox, you can reduce idling on-site.

The eBox system is manufactured by ZEM AS, a Norwegian technology company based in Høvik.

ZEM (Zero Emission Mobility) specializes in building robust battery and driveline solutions by integrating cutting-edge components from leading vendors in the market.

ZEM has worked closely with DNV’s battery experts for many years and is headquartered at DNV in Høvik. They have contributed to the development of DNV’s battery rules, guidelines for marine battery system installations, and an introductory course on battery usage onboard ships. Additionally, ZEM serves as an advisory partner to DNV and the Norwegian authorities on safety in battery installations.

Moen Marin also offers a larger powerbank, also manufactured by ZEM, the eContainer, which enables charging of electric and hybrid electric vessels anytime and anywhere.