Pilot-E - the world's first hydrogen-powered work vessel - Moen Marin


Pilot-E – the world’s first hydrogen-powered work vessel

The world’s first hydrogen-powered work vessel is almost ready to be put into operation.

In collaboration with Moen Verft and Marin Design, and with the support of Enova, we have participated in building the world’s first hydrogen-powered workboat for aquaculture.

With the support we have received through the Pilot-E program, the hydrogen boat will be ready for operation in Q2 2024. At that time, the vessel will store 120 kilograms of hydrogen in a total of four tanks from Hexagon. The boat is a catamaran and will be a hydrogen-electric hybrid, with a 276 kWh battery in addition to the four hydrogen tanks. Simultaneously, a fuel cell from ZEM AS with a capacity of 145 kW will be installed. This vessel will be a zero-emission boat and has the potential to reduce 300 tons of CO2e emissions per year.

SalMar is also part of the consortium and will be responsible for using and operating the vessel.

While the vessel has been under construction, a pilot facility has also been established on Kråkøya in Nærøysund, where water and wind power will be used to produce hydrogen. The facility, established by NTE and H2 Marine, will serve as a “charging station” for the hydrogen vessel, in addition to being a facility for the production, storage, and bunkering of green hydrogen. This groundbreaking project is a major milestone for the aquaculture industry, guiding us in the right direction at a time when innovative, sustainable solutions like this are crucial. With only five hydrogen hubs nationally, of which the facility on Kråkøya will be the only one designed for maritime use, we are thus participating in the beginning of an entirely new market.