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International Women’s day at Moen Marin

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and all the wonderful women working at Moen Marin. The aquaculture industry has historically been a heavily male-dominated field, but in recent years, it has reached a percentage of 20% women, according to statistics from Fiskeridirektoratet.

Marita Refvik works in our aftermarket department, where she represents the only woman:

“At Moen Marin, I feel appreciated by my male colleagues who show that they value me as a person, as well as the work I do. I have always worked in a male-dominated industry and enjoy it very much.”

Moen Marin is steadily increasing the number of women in the company – something we believe will contribute to new and exciting opportunities for future growth.

“Over the past year, we have significantly increased the female workforce, and I notice that this has a positive impact on the well-being of everyone around me,” says Marita.

Our Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), Mariell Ulla Toven, has also held positions in male-dominated professions throughout her life and has thrived in them. “Competent and nice colleagues are valuable regardless of gender, and we also know that more diversity in the organization leads to more profitable businesses.” As a woman in a leadership position, she emphasizes the importance of having women in leadership roles:

“I have always had female role models, and being a visible female leader is crucial to inspire other women to pursue their own ambitions.”

Moen Marin focuses on tomorrow’s solutions and aims to lead by example in pioneering changes in the industry. They also want to be at the forefront of gender equality.

“As a company, we must lead in the industry and show that we are serious. In the past year, we have added four talented women to our team. By being forward-thinking, we can attract more women to explore the many exciting opportunities that the maritime sector has to offer,” concludes Mariell.

As an organization, we want to thank and honor the fantastic women who are part of Moen Marin. Thank you for being a part of Moen Marin – you are important to us!

With a continually increasing proportion of women, they make a significant contribution, both socially and, not least, professionally. We look forward to continuing to grow together, with the goal of giving even more women a central place in the company.

Congratulations to all women on this day – from us at Moen Marin!