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Cleaner fish on the agenda

The cleaner fish has according to the legislation the same protection as any other fish, but a recent report from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority shows that 24 million, 40%, of the cleaner fish that were released died in the cages in 2018. In addition, 36 million cleaner fish went missing and could not be accounted for. The Norwegian Food Safety Authority is now demanding that the breeders follow the regulations by documenting the mortality and number of cleansing fish in order to be able to continue using cleansing fish in the future.

FHF has set aside more than NOK 40 million for projects that deal with the cleaner fish’s health and welfare. The goal has been to develop knowledge and tools that ensure robust fish with good health and low mortality that thrive in the cages and can do the job as “lice eaters”.

“You can’t have a livestock farm of 60 million individuals where you don’t know where the animals are, or why a high proportion of the animals are dying. It is neither sustainable nor animal welfare justifiable.»
The Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

SkaMik has developed and patented a combined water separator and purified fish separator that provides gentle and efficient sorting of useful cleaner fish. The cleaner fish can be sent back to the cage or collected for transport. With rising costs and a high use of cleaner fish, it is crucial to treat the cleaner fish in a way that takes into account both fish welfare and finances. It is designed for easy maintenance, cleaning and installation. The cleaner fish separator can be mounted on most types of filter, built on dimensions and can easily be retrofitted to existing plants. SkaMiks cleaner fish seperator has its focus on fish welfare, reuse and control of the cleaner fish that are in the cage. It’s time to put fish welfare on the agenda. Fish welfare is crucial for the aquaculture industry and the reputation of the industry, and fish welfare is a good economy.