On April 8th, we are launching a completely new and updated version of mLINK – our operations and maintenance program.

mLINK is a digital tool, similar to the binders that used to come with boats in the past. There, we offer document and equipment registers, as well as maintenance checklists. The program can be used on boats, as well as fleets and cage washers.

In mLINK, work orders are generated automatically based on time-based rules or hour meters on the engine/generator, providing you with a simple overview of daily and weekly tasks.

mLINK is a web-based application that works on PC, Mac, tablets, and mobile phones.

But what is new in mLINK 4.0?

  • mLINK has been simplified and modernized through a total renovation of the application’s user interface.
  • More consistent user interface and focus on “fewer clicks to get there.”
  • Support for universal design.
  • Responsive design that works on all devices and screen sizes.
  • Global search makes it much easier to find facilities, documents, and equipment, among others.
  • Faster loading time and speed in the app in general.

What can the operations and maintenance program help you solve?

mLINK helps you maintain equipment warranties by performing preventive maintenance, based on the maintenance program set up by our engineers.

mLINK ensures maximum uptime and reliability of vessels thanks to good maintenance – mLINK shows you what needs to be done and when.

The current version of mLINK will eventually be phased out, and we encourage existing users to switch to the new version for a more seamless and tailored experience. This way, you can ensure even more efficient maintenance, and thus even more uptime.

Make your workday even more efficient with mLINK 4.0!

Contact us for inquiries related to mLINK, and read more: mLINK – CLOUD BASED COLLABORATION PLATFORM

The crew behind mLINK 4.0