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mLINK makes everyday life smarter for AquaGen

AquaGen chose mLINK for smarter maintenance at sea sites and onshore facilities. mLINK has already given higher uptime on the company’s vessels.

mLINK is a cloud-based system for operational management in aquaculture and fishing industry, developed by Moen Marin. The experience of the system from with its service boats, AquaGen will now use mLINK throughout organization.

The service boats from Moen Marin comes with the mLINK system and it is very easy for us to put it to use, says Håvard Ramsfjell, Technical Manager at AquaGen.

AquaGen has been an important development partner for Moen Marin. Now they are entering into an even closer collaboration to further develop mLINK as management system for all its facilities on land and at sea.

User friendly

We considered several options, but mLINK was simply the best. Now we get a system that suits us well and where the user threshold is low. We have already put in place the system that both ensures that we have the necessary parts available and that also simplifies accounting and financial management, says Ramsfjell.

mLINK will now systematize maintenance on AquaGen’s sea sites as well.

– Ease of use, ease of use, ease of use, says the Production Manager Sea, Ove Grøtan, to the question why mLINK.

– The people behind mLINK consist not only of IT personnel, but also people with high technical and practical expertise. It makes it much easier to solve challenges together with those who are at the plants, he elaborates.

MLINK makes a difference

Moen Marin has developed mLINK to make a difference for cooperation on technical tasks in the aquaculture industry.

– Work assignments and reporting should be easily delegated across aquaculture companies, service companies, suppliers and others who carry out work on facilities and facilities. mLINK ensures traceability of activity related to facilities and strengthens communication and streamlines work, says Jan-Egil Wagnild, responsible for digitization in Moen Marin.

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