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Moen Marin AS is a company with solid traditions and a high level of expertise within ship-building with roots dating back to 1923. In addition to traditional production, our ambition is to constantly develop new concepts with a strong emphasis on innovation and user needs. Our focus areas are service vessels and work boats for the aquaculture industry, and we have also developed a feed float concept in partnership with key players in the aquaculture sector. We are also responsible for the development, marketing and sale of many products related to an industry which is rapidly expanding and developing.


For use in the aquaculture industry
Service vessels
Electrical operation
Aquaculture platforms
Mechanical delousing method
Feed hatch system
Ring washers
Maintenance and safety tools
Delousing tarpaulins


  • Main office Kolvereid
  • Postal and Visiting Address:
    Moen Marin AS
    Strandvegen 11,
    7970 Kolvereid
    Tlf: +47 74 38 22 00
  • Department Trondheim
  • Besøk: Havnegt. 9, Pirsenteret
    (inng. 1, 4 etg.)
    Post: postboxs 1287 Sluppen
    7462 Trondheim
Moen Marin AS
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