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Washing and disinfection

Mekon RV-2 Cage ring washer

Mekon RV-2 Cage ring washer – for washing and disinfection of all cage models with or without a base ring. Well-equipped and manufactured of high-quality materials – for tough use.

The RV-2 performs efficient pressure washing of cage models
up to Ø 500 with Ø 400 base ring, and up to Ø 400 with base

The RV-2 is equipped with disinfection nozzles as standard for
efficient disinfection of the cage ring after washing, and also
has nozzle protection on all rotating nozzles to avoid ropes etc.

The RV-2 now comes with a new reinforced hull design that
is more resistant to impacts and shock loads. The new design
makes the fleet both lightweight and stronger, as well as easier
to repair and maintain. The RV-2 has also been fitted with inspection
hatches that allow access to the inside of the float. The
new material choice gives the RV-2 a cleaner surface so that dirt
does not stick. The float is equipped with fender beams on the outer edge to
prevent wear and damage.

The RV-2 comes with integrated HPU (220V or 400V) and radio control as standard. Time spent on washing rings may vary, but from experience, the washing time is approximately 30-45 minutes when cleaning a 120 m Ø 400 – Ø 500 flotation collar, under optimal conditions.

The Mekon RV-2 cage ring washer requires a good high-pressure
pump with a minimum capacity of 600 l/min and a working
pressure of 230 – 250 bar.

Mekon RV-2
RV-2 hoveddimensjoner
Length5,5 m
Width4,5 m
Buoyancy11 700 kg
Weight5 000 kg
The RV-2 comes with 4 dimensioned lifting hooks on the float
Lifting rings1 300 kg – angle tolerance +/- 45°
Lifting rings7 800 kg – angle tolerance +/- 45°