NabWork 1575 - Moen Marin

Single hulls

NabWork 1575

A powerful combination boat for those who need extra good sea properties and comfort. The boat serves both as a work boat for the exposed sites and as a light service boat with cabin capacity and large cargo space. The boat has Scania propulsion machinery, Nogva rotatable gear and propeller system and Palfinger 40tm crane.

ConstructionSingle hull
DesignMarin Design
Main dimensions
Length o.a.14,99 m
Breadth o.a.7,50 m
Depth moulded3,20 m
Fuel8,0 m³
Water2,0 m³
Speed no payloadApprox 9 knots with 25% filling with 100% MCR
Trade area4
Cabin capacity
2 x one-man cabins
1 x two-man cabin
Propulsion machinery
EngineNogva Scania DI13, 500 hp
GearboxNogva gear, HC-258
Bow thruster
2 x 50 hk
230V/57kW John Deere 4045
2x PTO with 105 ccm Parker pumps
Navigation and communication
Furuno Radar and chart plotter with GPS
VHF radio Furuno
Tranducer 520-5PSD Echo sounder
Autopilot Furuno Navpilot -711
Palfinger PK 41001 (M) G.
CapasityApprox. 38,2 tm
ReachApprox. 21,5 m
1 x 5 t
1 x 3 t
Both included foot pedals and emergency stops