Et nytt og brukervennlig vedlikeholds- og
sikkerhetssystem for havbruksnæringa

Live monitorering av innretning
Oppfyller myndigheters krav
Full integrering av inspeksjoner og servicer
Online-/offline modus
Kompatibelt med alle typer utstyr
Rapport generering

Easy-to-use maintenance and safety tools for the aquaculture industry

Planning and executing maintenance activities

Web-based cloud solution

Mobile/tablet app

Live monitoring of devices

Online/offline mode

Complies with regulatory requirements


Full integration of inspections and servicing

Compatible with all types of equipment

Extraction of KPIs and reports

Maintenance log

Why mLINK?

Full control at all levels

    – Company

    – Devices

    – Components

Ease of use

Easy set-up and configuration

Easy handling of documents

Alarm alerts

Experience transfer

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